Hi, I am Alazer ( ale )

Married to beautiful soul mate " Koni " that's where my business name drives Ale + Kon = ALEKONpictures. I am pretty simple and straightforward human being at heart. currently studying photography at British Academy of Photography, I am following my dream and doing what i love as an Artist. my goal is to create MOMENTS TO BE REMEMBERED.

My photography style can be best described as embracing warm colors and a film-like aesthetic. I am deeply inspired by the nostalgic and timeless quality of film photography, and I strive to bring that essence into my digital work.

Let's capture your story together.

I would highly recommend Alekonpictures for anyone seeking a maternity photoshoot that encapsulates the beauty, love, and anticipation of this magical time. Their expertise, creativity, and genuine passion for their craft ensure that every moment captured is transformed into a cherished memory that will be treasured for a lifetime.
— Eyob & Mitye