£350 - £1200

This package is a 2 - 8 hr photoshoot session & you either download it from our website or we'll send it to you through our custom made USB stick depend on your choice.


£1500 - £2500

This package is a 2 - 12 hr session with two photographers that include album, printed photo of your choice including our custom made USB stick to your door.


Contact me

why not... create your own packege of choice and we will get in touch with your idea and way of deliver.


Do you edit different colour style?

unfortunately no, I'm in to film colour and I don't edit different colour

Do you shoot destination weddings?

yes, I like travelling anywhere as long as you contact me early & am not booked

Will there be a second shooter?

depend on the session you want to book

Can I extend the session on the day of?

it depend on the schedule I have after you session

What kind of gear do you use?

I'm engaged with Canon.

Can I get my raw picture ?

sorry my policy is a no, no policy of raw pictures.

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